Naya Del Rey
18 year old , Algerian , Echelon ,Metalhead , Lanatic , proud LGBT Supporter , tennis , football and a nayaholic and Rivergron is my OTP
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i have a bad feeling about tonight’s episode , i think Paige is the one’s gonna die ,i mean tweeted about Emison so.. :’( fuck !

Fuck i’m so nervous about Paige , i mean shit might go down tonight 

i don’t want her to die :’( 

THREE HOURS.   , i’m telling you bitches will be in trouble if they even touch Paige 

i wonder why most youtubers are gay …

he fucking won guys ! Benedict Cumberbatch won !!!!


people are dumb for not taking pictures of Naya and Dianna kissing at the Emmys 2011 ,i mean i’ll never let that go . it was a one time apportunity you idiots !

to every latina out there…you are the hottest thing in the world , i mean i’m straight but i’ll definitely turn lesbian for one of you 


i mean


must be a code for something.


Naya just really really loves her black purse 

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